Albums of projects over the years. Many were done before landing at Isidore. Not all albums are noted below, check out the main photo site to view them all.


AP Oklahoma
The first AP project in Oklahoma. Built elevated shallow beds filled with hydroton. Ebb and flow, single pump on a timer. Grew weeds to start and koi fish because of the cold winters. Tried various vegetables with some success.

AP Grubbertron
First of south Florida, first attempt with tilapia. Three pump system with timers, ebb and flow. Introduced “settling tank”, place for solids to collect.

AP Firmament
Reworked Grubbertron, tried to simplify and move to a single pump, no timers and bell siphon. Moved to a larger tank for the fish, started incorporating duckweed into the system.

AP Dueling Banos
Last version of south Florida, sized up to totes, more experimenting with siphon and different media and floating rafts.

Breen Aquaponics
First commercial sized version at Breen Acres farm. Two pumps and several media types, incorporated compost into system.

Epcot Hydroponics
Handful of pictures of Epcot’s hydroponics setup. Lots of good ideas.

Growing/Raising Feed

Raising Soldier Grubs
Various attempts of growing black soldier fly larvae to feed tilapia and chickens.

Raising Mealworms
Handful attempts at growing mealworms for chicken feed.

Raising Blow Fly Larvae
Attempt to grow raise and collect blow fly larvae for chicken food in WV.

Growing Duckweed
Growing various kinds of duckweed for chicken and tilapia feed.

Growing Algae
Growing algae, gammerus and bloodworms for tilapia feed.


Polyface Farms Field Day 2011
Handul of pictures of from field day at Saladin’s farm. Lots of great ideas.